Craft CMS の次期バージョン 4 ではカテゴリとタグはなくなるっぽい? #craftcms

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Craft Link Listというサイトを見つけて色々みていたところ

Craft Link List

Craft 4ではカテゴリとタグはエントリに統合されるっぽい記載があった。

Tags & Categories are going away in Craft 4. They'll be converted to Entries during the upgrade process.
The "Entries" section will be renamed to "Content", so in the end, your entries, categories, and tags will all reside together as "Content" elements. Craft is a content management system after all.

Craft Link List - Issue 88

discord の方でも確かに書かれてあった。

tags and categories are both going away in Craft 4
3.x (maybe as early as 3.2) will see a big update to Entries fields, where they will be able to behave more like current Categories and Tags fields, if desired
and 4.0 will just convert all existing categories & tags over to entries